Appealing Your Disability Denial Decision in Michigan



If your Disability Application is denied, you should appeal it  as soon as possible and within the time frame indicated in your denial decision.  A Disability Advocate such as one from  the Disability Specialist Center, LLC can represent you and appeal your decision. In Michigan, the next level of appeal is the Request for Hearing. Your Disability case will then be assigned to an Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) that is located close to your residence.   The wait time for a hearing could be 12 months or longer depending on the backlog of cases in the ODAR office that your case is assigned to.

Developing the Medical Evidence and Preparing your Case for the Hearing

Once the hearing is requested, your Disability Advocate will be able to review your file, determine the medical evidence needed, request additional and up to date medical evidence and functional limitations from your treating Doctors.   The task of developing the medical evidence and preparing your case for the hearing is challenging as it is very important to have all of the supporting medical evidence in your file.   While preparing your case for the hearing, the Advocate will also research relevant legal and vocational issues to help you win. Prior to the hearing, the  Advocate will often prepare a brief to argue their theory of your case.

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