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Waiting for the Office of  Hearings Operations (OHO) to schedule your Social Security disability hearing is  a long and frustrating experience.

However, there is a little known secret that  most people are unaware of.  The secret is  called an on the record (OTR) decision.  OTR means that you can request a  favorable decision based on the medical evidence in the file.   If the OTR decision is granted, you will win the case without a hearing.  It is important to have an experienced disability advocate such as one from Disability Specialist Center, LLC develop your medical records,  functional limitations and prepare the theory of your case.  If the medical evidence is supportive, your advocate can prepare a brief addressing the relevant medical evidence supporting the disability and request the case be reviewed by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for an OTR decision.  The ALJ will review the Brief and the medical documentation and decide whether to grant or deny an OTR decision.

If The On the Record Decision is Granted

If the supportive medical evidence is substantial and overwhelming, the Administrative Law Judge  will write an OTR  favorable decision which means you will not need to attend a hearing if the OTR request is granted or approved.

If The On the Record Decision is Denied

If the OTR is denied, you will have to wait for your case to be scheduled for a hearing. The Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) will call you to schedule your hearing but it may not be scheduled for several months.  Once your case is scheduled your advocate will prepare you for the hearing and attend it with you.

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